Rio Grande Rock House

Unexpected luxury on the Rio Grande, down along the Mexican border


This is the Ivey family's homestead.

It is still frequently used by your hosts, Bill and Lisa Ivey, and their three boys (as well as a wide assortment of relatives and friends). But -- when they aren't using the family hideout/getaway -- they share it.

The front porch.

The family-friendly nature of the Rock House makes it perfect for all kinds of get-togethers.

Family reunions, Boy Scout and Girl Scout outings, church retreats, hunting parties, office barbecues, and wedding celebrations.

The Rock House overlooks the spectacular wilderness mountains of Mexico and is surrounded by the peaceful grandeur of the Big Bend Ranch State Park.

The Rock House sleeps a small crowd quite comfortably. There are two large, comfy beds, plus two rollaways. (You'll work it out.)

Additional rollaways are an additional $20/bed/night.

They've thoughtfully added indoor plumbing, so you can enjoy the outdoors when you want to, not when you need to.


The view from the front door.

The Rock House will easily accomodate small groups travelling together, family outings, or a couple wanting time far away from the demands of civilization.

Despite the wonderful freedom of being wilderness-adjacent, you're only two miles from downtown Lajitas.

Lajitas is a major resort destination with restaurant food, a saloon, art, shopping, a golf course, an "international" airport, horseback riding, and even a sort of deli. A short drive lets you rent horses, bicycles, or river rafts -- each available with native, knowledgeable guides if you're timid about your adventures. You'll even find a church and a town hall.

The terrace.

The front yard hasn't really changed in millenia -- not that you're going to be encountering any dinosaurs -- but you can certainly imagine roving bands of Commanches and Apaches, maybe some of Pancho Villa's army, the Buffalo Soldiers from just up the road in Fort Davis, or the Federales from nearby Presidio.

No cell phone. No TV. No traffic. No valet parking. No Worries. No hassles.

The Rock House is two miles west of Lajitas, in a part of Texas that most Texans haven't heard of, and damn sure don't know where it is.

Most visitors to Lajitas just got lost looking for Terlingua.

Bring the kids -- they WILL put down their video games here.

Or, leave the damn kids at home and have a real vacation.

We have that new fangled electricity, running water, indoor plumbing -- AND AIR CONDITIONING!.

You can drive into town and dine with the turistas, but you're probably going to feel too much like a local.

We have a fine kitchen, but you'll probably rather barbecue on the terrace, overlooking the river and the mountains.

We have both a grill and a smoker.

The riverfront barbecue area.
The view of Mexico across the Rio Grande.

The expansive front yard of the Rock House is called "Mexico."

Adjacent to the Rock House, The Rio Grande is liquid history, traversed by John Wayne and others throughout many great westerns.

In the old days the Commanches would conduct raids down into Mexico every autumn to steal horses.

You're in walking distance of absolutely nothing except nature and marvelous vistas.

An entertainment area overlooks the Rio Grande.
The patio.

You may see God, so please be courteous and be sure to thank him for all his fine work in the neighborhood.

There's probably a beer in the refrigerator, but bring your own as a backup.

In fact, bring whatever you're going to need, because you don't want to be running to the nearest Seven-Eleven (probably a ten hour round trip).

The kitchen.
The balcony view of the Rio Grande.

We have a full-time caretaker who lives on the premises of the Rock House, and she will be happy to assist you if you have any questions or quandaries.

We also have a solar heated hot tub. The sun heats the water in the garden hose, but you'll have to make your bubbles the old fashioned way.

Sleep on the porch, like we do. Barbecue on the patio. Pee in the Rio Grande. (Don't tell mom.)

The garden bathtub.

Bring your imagination and your favorite people in the world. If you want to rev your Harley or howl at the moon, no one will care. Sometimes the moon howls back.

This is not just a place to stay. This is a place to BE.

Then, when you finally start thinking of Lajitas as the big city, you'll know you are fully detoxed and rested, and can go home.

Maybe someday we'll be telling the story about when YOU stayed here. We definitely know you'll be talking about it, because when you go home from the Rock House, you'll have lots of stories to tell.

The terrace.
Barbecue and smoker.

Necessary Warnings:

  • Border Crossing: If you stroll across the Rio Grande into Mexico, be sure to return via the official U.S. crossing at Presidio to avoid that annoying $5000 fine for reentering the U.S. illegally.

  • Wildlife Warning: You probably won't actually see a bear or mountain lion because they'll see you first, but if you do -- we warned you. And please don't step on any of the local snakes, tarantulas, centipedes, or scorpions because it annoys them greatly.

  • Noise restrictions. Hah! In order for sound to exist, by definition, someone must hear it -- therefore you aren't making too much noise. So whoop it up. We do.

  • Privacy Notice: Here at the trading post, there's two kinds of privacy -- absolute privacy and relative privacy. If you want absolute privacy from everybody else on earth, this is your spot. However, if you want privacy from your relatives (or friends) -- this is a one room accommodation (although a very big room) -- so don't bring anyone you're not prepared to sleep with.

  • Sunburn Alert: Bring lots of sunscreen (SPF infinity).

  • Do not feed the Border Patrol.

Travel Tip:

You'll want to drive farther down the River Road (in the daylight) to see the countryside that made the western pioneers decide to stay in Texas. It may seem familiar because in those cowboy movies you used to watch, this is where all that stuff happened.

This is widely considered to be one of the most interesting and scenic rides in the U.S. as it parallels the Rio Grande through the mountains and wildlife. And it goes up one helluva hill that will definitely get your attention.


The Rock House hammock.
An outdoor table on the porch.
Windows light the room.
The bathroom.
The porch dining area.
View of the terrace and mountains.
Candles on the mantle.
The outdoor fireplace.
Steps to the porch.
Cookout in style.
Terlingua Coffee.

The Rio Grande Rock House is Owned and Operated by the Bill Ivey family.

The Rock House has NO Cable Television. Enjoy the break.

Cell Phone service is only available via Wifi -- using fiber optic cable -- and a land line telephone is available.

Although breakfast is not provided, the Rock House has an excellent coffeemaker and lots of our special blend of coffee.

A mini-fridge and a microwave oven are available in every room.

Room Service is very expensive and requires 48 hours notice.

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