El Patron Suite

Unexpected luxury in the Terlingua Ghost Town
in the shadow of the Chisos Mountains, where great stories begin


Wanna get away from your guests (or family)!

The semi-majestic master bedroom offers a private, cozy, and comfy Queen-sized bed and a chair, etc., etc., etc.

That's the great thing about a suite. There are other rooms for your posse.

Room sign.

"El Patron" was the moniker given to mine owner Howard Perry by his workforce, so it's appropriate that this suite has a living room suitable for business meetings! (So you can write it all off.)

Fair Warning: Business Meetings are generally frowned on around the Ghost Town.

There are far better ways to waste your time here.

Instead, skip the meeting and walk over to the famous Terlingua Cemetery to greet the ghosts, or just watch the sunset with everyone on the porch over at the Trading Post. (Bring your guitar -- but not the accordion.)

Better yet, have a few amigos/amigas join you for a festive evening at the Starlight Theatre.

If someone's "designated driver" isn't up to the task, the El Patron's versatile living room contains a particularly comfy sleeper sofa (we call it, "el sofa de la siesta grande)."

Rollaway Beds are available for an additional $20/day.

Coffee maker.

When bedtime comes, leave the party out in the living room.

The bathroom.

The El Patron "necessary room" is worth noting.

It's slightly un-Terlingua-like, but there is a genuine and fully functional bathroom right in the suite, so you can impress your friends

The shower.
The front door.
The sink.

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Each Room has NO Cable Television OR Telephone. Enjoy the break.

Free wireless internet is usually available via fiber optic cable.

Breakfast is not provided, but all rooms have coffeemakers and our special blend of coffee.

A mini-fridge and a microwave oven are available in every room.

Room Service is very expensive and requires 48 hours notice.

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