Terlingua Cemetery

What's a Ghost Town without a place to find ghosts?

Terlingua Cemetery

The historic Terlingua Cemetery is real.

We have friends and family resting here, so we take it seriously.

We invite you to visit respectfully and reflect on whatever pops into your mind.

The Terlingua Cemetery.
Visitors explore the Terlingua Cemetery.

The cemetery still has all its original residents, plus a few extra free spirits.

We're told our cemetery is one of the most photographed places in Texas and we believe it.

Feel free to explore and document what you find.

Tourists come from all over Texas.
The Day of the Dead is a special day every year.

Each fall, on the Day of the Dead, we welcome friends, neighbors, and visitors to join our all-night vigil.

The Day of the Dead extends well into the night.
Candlelight illuminates the cemetery.

We build a fire, light candles, sing a little, reminisce, and wonder where we'll be next year, and the next.

Oh, one more thing...

If you really, really, really like it here, plots are available.

That way, when you hear people complain that Terlingua is hotter than hell, you'll have a direct comparison.

The Terlingua Cemetery.


A heartfelt memorial.
Terlingua Cemetery night view.

We think you'll like it here. We've never had any complaints.

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