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Terlingua is as much a state of mind as an actual place.

It's a legendary destination, where visitors' goals have ranged from mining quicksilver to simmering the perfect chili.

Skeleton on motorcycle.

There is nowhere quite like Terlingua, and today it's hard to believe that this quiet town was once the industrial center of the Big Bend. Before it went bust, the main industry was mining quicksilver, but now it's debauchery and celebrations. ¬°Bueno!

Pirate ship themed home in Terlingua.

Terlingua has its own aesthetic, somewhere on a continuum ranging from eclectic eccentricity to outright insanity. After all, when everyone is crazy, then crazy is normal.

Hilltop canoes.

Somehow Terlingua has evolved into the foremost nautically themed outpost in the desert.

Submarine conning tower in desert.
Art Gallery.
Welcome to Terlingua

Art is in the eye of the beholder. So, behold...

Dinosaur sculpture.
Butterfly double bicycle.
Texas Windchime.
Downtown Terlingua

This is urban living in downtown Terlingua.

People happily live in the ruins of those who came before, updating them with 21st century technology to make even better ruins for the future.

Motorcycles outside the Terlingua Trading Company.

Life in the Ghost Town centers around the front porch. Sunsets are arranged nightly for our guests to savor.

You never know who will show up --

-- or how they'll arrive.

Horse-drawn wagon.
Crowd waits outside the Starlight Theatre.

The local population is interesting, to say the least, consisting largely of reclusive artists, semi-exiled misfits, delightful curmudgeons, and crusty characters out of your next novel.

If you want to live life as a local, just take your shoes off, sit back, and sip a cool drink.

And, sometimes, visitors and natives alike just want a little shade on the front porch of the Terlingua Trading Company -- and perhaps something cool to sip.

From there, things usually progress to songs, tall tales, or swapping lies.

Musicians on porch of Starlight Theatre.
Terlingua teepees.
The Terlingua Chili Festival.

Terlingua, a town with maybe a few hundred "residents," hosts not one, but two raucous International Chili Cookoffs -- on the same day -- growing to a temporary population of about twenty thousand.

The Terlingua Chili celebration.
The Terlingua Chili celebration.
The Terlingua Chili celebration.
The Terlingua Chili celebration.
The Terlingua Chili celebration.

Hint: For the chili cookoffs, leave the kids at home. Please. The chili is hot. The nights get even hotter.



Highway sign.
The Terlingua Chili celebration.
The Terlingua Chili celebration.
Ghost Town coffee shop.

If chili isn't to your liking, there are a few interesting places to eat without leaving Greater Metropolitan Terlingua.

Barbecue food truck.
Exterior of Chile Pepper Cafe.

Better yet, you can stay in the Ghost Town and dine at the best restaurant in town, the Starlight Theatre.

Live music is featured nightly in what was once the miners' movie theatre. (They never had it this good!)

Wide view of The Starlight Theatre.
Singer at the Starlight Theatre.
Doorway to the Starlight Theatre.
Server at The Starlight Theatre.

Buenas noches.

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