The Ghost Town

It's all over here, but the good times roll on

Wide view of the Ghost Town.

The Ghost Town

Before it was a Ghost Town, this was the Chisos Mine.

Workers slaved in the hot sun and deep in the mineshafts to extract cinnabar, the raw ore that produces mercury.

Ghost Town Historic Marker.
Ghost Town ruins.

After years of prosperity the mercury market disappeared, the mine closed, and the homes and buildings began to decay.

Interior of ruins.
Standing ruins.
Cover of mine shaft.
Historic Marker.

Mine shafts have been filled, closed, or covered by steel grates to prevent unauthorized explorations, but shout out and you can hear the echo resounding far below for historical reflection.

Vista of Ghost Town.

Admission to the Terlingua Ghost Town is free. Live it up.

Traffic at the Ghost Town
Painting of the Mining.
Legend of Chisos Mining Company painting.

This painting shows the Chisos Mining Company in operation. It can be seen in the Terlingua Trading Post as a guide to your visit around the Ghost Town.

Wide view of Ghost Town.

Today, some of the original structures have been reclaimed and updated by Terlingua residents.

The Company Store

The miners' Company Store is still open, too, under new management. There's a regional bookstore inside, plus lots of T-shirts, cowboy hats, salsa, coffee, ghosttown souvenirs, and a year-round Christmas decoration section.

Clothing for sale.
The Book Store.
Clothing for sale.
Remains of Terlingua School.
A Ghost Town moment.

The Perry School is enjoying a perpetual recess.

Door of Terlingua Jail.
St. Agnes Church.

The Ghost Town's church is still open for business. If that fails, there's the Terlingua jail...

Interior of the Starlight Theatre.
The Starlight Theatre;

The Starlight Theatre, the movie house for the miners, got its name when the wind blew the roof off. Now, with the roof restored, it houses a great restaurant.

We seriously recommend the wonderful steak and the pie. Any pie.

Family at Ghost Town

Please be respectful of our history and we promise that our ghosts will treat you well.

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