The Valentine Suite

Unexpected luxury in the Terlingua Ghost Town
in the shadow of the Chisos Mountains, where great stories begin


Privacy and epic views in the Ghost Town's newest restoration.

This classic suite has two Master Bedrooms, each with unique and private baths, separated by a complete kitchen and dining nook.

Two queen beds, plus a daybed, make this Master Bedroom perfect for families and friendly groupings.

Whether you fancy the introspection of exploring the Ghost Town, the desert wilderness of the Big Bend National Park, or the wild side of our Terlingua nightlife, at some point you're going to want to collapse in style.


We've provided a spectacular mountain range that will host regular sunsets for our guests to enjoy with their evening drinks.

In addition, there is a restful daybed for napping in style.

In a town known for its outhouses, the two bathroom home is king. Enjoy.

You're probably going to find that you want to dine at the nearby Starlight Cantina with the jet setters, musicians, and bikers, but for that intimate dinner in the desert, we've created the perfect period-correct (yet thoughtfully updated) kitchen and dining area.

If this kitchen and dining spot had been around in the old days, the miners would have never left Terlingua.

(We'll provide the coffee. You bring the champagne.)

And, as promised, there's the second Master Bedroom, with the second Master Bathroom.

This room features an elegant king-sized bed and authentic regional influences throughout.

You'll have your own private water closet.

We'll be waiting....

The Big Bend Holiday Hotel is Owned and Operated by the Bill Ivey family.

Each Room has NO Cable Television OR Telephone. Enjoy the break.

Free wireless internet is usually available via fiber optic cable.

Breakfast is not provided, but all rooms have coffeemakers and our special blend of coffee.

A mini-fridge and a microwave oven are available in every room.

Room Service is very expensive and requires 48 hours notice.

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