Western Wing Upstairs

Enjoy life at the top of the Ghost Town world


Sometimes known as "El Penthouse."

This excellent room has two queen beds and an elevated view of the great outdoors.

Wide view of Western Wing Upstairs.
Window view of Western Wing Upstairs.

High atop a tower separated slightly from the main building, this room offers additional privacy and serenity.

The sink.

¡El baño bueno!

The bright and pristine indoor bathroom is a colossal improvement over the historically correct alternative.

The bathroom.

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The Terlingua Mansion is Owned and Operated by the Bill Ivey family.

Each Room has NO Cable Television OR Telephone. Enjoy the break.

Free wireless internet is usually available.

Breakfast is not provided, but all rooms have coffeemakers and our special blend of coffee.

Room Service is very expensive and requires 48 hours notice.

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