St. Agnes Church

Finally, a church unencumbered by religion and ritual

St. Agnes Church

Not even the great cathedrals of Europe or the majestic temples of the East surpass the pure and simple spirituality of our St. Agnes Church.

You're welcome to come in, look around, meditate, and pray. Some of you can even sing.

Wooden cross.
The pulpit.

The church is available for appropriate events.

You can have a wedding here, or a christening, or a funeral, or other religious ceremonies and activities.

It's not for parties. You can't sleep inside. It's not a concert hall or saloon. It's a church.

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself, but be respectful -- because God keeps an eye on the place, and he's pretty strict.

St. Agnes Church.
Interior of St. Agnes Church.

If you're interested in an event here, we can help.

We can coordinate the things you might need -- flowers, music, food, lodging, etc.

Wide view of St. Agnes Church and Ghost Town.

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