Mrs. Perry's Room

The boss's wife lives well


Sometimes referred to as "The Blue Room" (for unknown reasons).

This top floor room will make you feel like you're traveling back in time. But trust us, it's better than that. The good ol' days were never, ever this good.

View of bed.
Wide view of room.

Mrs. Perry's room is certainly antique, but it offers the best of modern day life as well, featuring a king-sized bed plus both electricity and hot and cold running water.


The shower.

The lady's "euphemism" is completed with a marble and mosaic-tiled shower. Notice that there is no sign of a period-correct chamber pot. You're welcome.

The bathroom.
Painting of flowers.

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The Terlingua Mansion is Owned and Operated by the Bill Ivey family.

Each Room has NO Cable Television OR Telephone. Enjoy the break.

Free wireless internet is usually available via fiber optic cable.

Breakfast is not provided, but all rooms have coffeemakers and our special blend of coffee.

A mini-fridge and a microwave oven are available in every room.

Room Service is very expensive and requires 48 hours notice.

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