Easily the most evocative site in the ghost town, the Perry Mansion has long been the source of legend, rumor, and gossip. And for good reason.

Perched high above the Chisos Mine in what is considered the "Beverly Hills of Terlingua," this was originally the mansion of the owner -- Howard E. Perry -- built especially for his bride. Local lore boasts that if Romeo and Juliet had come to the Ghost Town, they would've stayed here.

Obviously, as often happened with frontier dynasties, the abandoned mansion has fallen into disarray. The desert sun, wind, and thunderstorms took their toll on the structure.

For years, only the hardiest locals inhabited the sturdy ruins, but recently a few insightful archeologists/visionaries began a spare-no-expense renovation that is repairing history.

Step into the new/old Presidential Suite. Be the boss. Choose your bedroom on either floor. Downstairs there's a magnificent king size bed. Upstairs, you'll find two queen size beds.

Rest in the cool shade of the magnificent veranda, or gaze down from your room onto the timeless landscape as the sun rises and sets.

During the evening -- following our patented spectacular sunsets -- we provide a vast array of stars, surrounded by vivid darkness like you've rarely seen before.

Each room has its own magnificent bathroom.

El Penthouse offers stunning aerial views of the Terlingua skyline. You'll be glad you won't be distracted by television or that annoying internet. Books are allowed -- and singing, too.

Each room offers a modern coffemaker and a sampling of our proprietary gourmet coffee. For the hungry adventurer, there is also a "rustic" (meaning "RUSTIC") kitchen next door. Just ignore the bullet holes -- long story.

Rollaway Beds are available for an additional $20/day.

The Perry Mansion -- your home-away-from-home when you're in Terlingua -- offers the finest in Ghost Town atmospherics, redolent of historically-correct decay.