Before it was a Ghost Town, this was the Chisos Mine, where workers slaved in the hot sun and deep in the mineshafts to extract cinnabar, the raw ore that produces mercury. When the mercury market disappeared, the mine closed and all the homes and buildings began to decay.

The Starlight Theatre, the movie house for the miners, got its name when the wind blew the roof off. Now, with the roof restored, it houses a great restaurant. We seriously recommend the filet mignon and the pie. Any pie.

This painting shows the Chisos Mining Company in operation. It can be seen in the Terlingua Trading Post as a guide to your visit around the Ghost Town.

Mine shafts (below) have been covered to prevent unauthorized explorations, but shout out and you can hear the echo resounding far below.

The Mexican Day of the Dead celebration is a great time to hang out in the Terlingua cemetery and commune with whoever or whatever shows up.